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Learn Google Tag Manager Tutorial in 2020 – Zero to Hero

In recent years, tracking scripts/tags/codes on digital assets becomes important for marketers, developers and analysts.  If your online campaign doesn’t give correct visual presentation of your business performance, then you should review all java scripts or trackers codes (GTM) carefully to remove incorrect tags. 

You guys familiar that now days all social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook Pixel are providing personalized tracking code i.e. helpful to track the performance of your online budget on social channels.

Why Google Tag Manager (GTM) is considered as a Solution?

If I ask you that add codes of all social platforms on your website one by one, then it will make your slower. According to recommendations of Google Page speed, web developers should use minimal java script codes to boost speed of site and load time.

In this context, Google Tag Manager is like a single gateway to communicate and control all of your ecommerce website’s java script trackers.

Let’s start to understand how Google Tag Manager is providing complete and virtual solution for website or online stores.

In my well-researched Google Tag Manager Guide, you will learn following topics:

Simple definition of Google Tag Manager

It is a completely freeware solution for installing, controlling and managing all tracking codes on website & mobile app.

It also gives complete solution to track all tags / codes from single gateway.

Why Google Tag Manger is important for Digital Marketing domain?

GTM gives flexibility to control and manage all tracking with minimal support of your IT/ Development team. So, you can do more focus on marketing activities to achieve ROI of business.

What are the industry trends?

Till now, millions of companies have adopted Google Tag Manager as a part of their digital marketing strategies. So, don’t waste your time and explore the power of Google Tag Manager for maximum benefits.

Where will Analytics take me?

You will slowly and gradually move from Data Analytics to Data Science career. You will also take help from various online communities for latest trends and updates.

Online Communities & Help Center:

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Stack Overflow – Google Tag Manager []

If you have still any doubt, then feel free to contact me.

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